Next Week

Here is a selection of seminars that might be of interest to string theorists in Oxford:

On Monday, February 25, at 14:15 in L4, a seminar in the Geometry and Analysis series:
Cheuk Yu Mak (Cambridge University)
On Tuesday, February 26, at 12:00 in L4, a seminar in the Quantum Field Theory series:
Alexander Belyaev (Southampton University)
to be announced
On Tuesday, February 26, at 15:30 in L4, a seminar in the Algebraic Geometry series:
Sven Meinhardt (Sheffield)
On Thursday, February 28, at 16:00 in L6, a seminar in the Number Theory series:
Beth Romano (University of Cambridge)
Arithmetic statistics via graded Lie algebras
Further information: I will talk about recent work with Jack Thorne in which we find the average size of the Selmer group for a family of genus-2 curves by analyzing a graded Lie algebra of type E_8. I will focus on the role representation theory plays in our proofs.