String Group Junior Seminar

The Oxford string theory group has its informal lunchtime sessions at 12 o'clock each Wednesday during term time, in L5 (or L3) on the mezzanine floor of the Andrew Wiles building. This is a chance to get together once a week to discuss topics of interest in an informal way, and hopefully learn from each other. Unfortunately, no food is allowed in the seminar room, but those who want may continue discussions over lunch at the mezzanine cafeteria after the seminar.

Below is the list of people who have agreed to lead discussions on given weeks, and the corresponding topics. If you wish to suggest a topic you would like to know more about, or volunteer to present something, contact Carolina, Pietro or Tomek. Remember that we want to keep these sessions informal and discussional. Everything should be done on the whiteboard or verbally (no slides!), and should assume as little prior knowledge as is reasonable.

Schedule for this Semester

On Thursday, May 25, at 12:45 in L6, a seminar in the Strings Junior series:
Hadleigh Frost
Quantum cohomology
Further information: Poincaré, thinking of the 3-body problem, conjectured that a Hamiltonian flow on the annulus which twists the edges in opposite directions has at least two fixed points. Arnold conjectured that a Hamiltonian flow on compact X has at least as many fixed points as the sum of the Betti numbers -- in response, people like Gromov and Floer introduced tools involving spaces of curves in X which remind us of strings, CFT, etc. Witten noticed the connection. Fukaya and Ono used this to prove the conjecture, though their paper has been controversial at times. We ignore all of this and discuss one or two examples instead.
On Thursday at 12:45 in L6, a seminar in the Strings Junior series:
Pietro Benetti Genolini